Gut Elim

Gut Elim is a conference and training centre located in a pleasant rural setting in Bad Wildungen, close to the geographic centre of Germany. Gut Elim has the capacity to provide accommodation and meals for up to 100 persons and a large meeting room, which comfortably seats 250. The closest train station is Bad Wildungen, and the nearest airports are in Kassel and Frankfurt am Main. A number of events are scheduled to take place at Gut Elim in 2020, while it is still undergoing construction and further improvements in order to maximize its usefulness.


A property was purchased in 2019 for the use of the church in Berlin. The property comprises a potential meeting area of approximately 157 square meters, two residential apartments and outdoor parking spaces. The building still requires renovation in order to be fully functional. The church in Berlin began using it in April 2020. The saints in Berlin are thankful to the Lord and all the saints for the gracious giving in love and the prayers of the churches throughout the whole earth, which made this purchase possible.  


In early 2018 Elim Springs purchased a property on Hohenzollernstraße, located in the centre of Düsseldorf, a short walk from the main train station. The property comprises a meeting hall for the use of the church in Düsseldorf with additional rooms for children and young people, plus 10 apartments of various sizes.   


Elim Springs manages a property in Ginnheimer Stadtweg, Frankfurt am Main, which is utilised by the church in Frankfurt as a meeting place and for residential purposes.