New meeting hall in Munich

New meeting hall in Munich

Die Gemeinde in München e.V.

VR 208210, Amtsgericht München

Richard-Strauss-Straße 21A

81677 Munich, Germany



To the churches in the Lord’s recovery,

After more than a year of beseeching the Lord and searching for a suitable meeting place, the Lord opened a property in a prime location to meet the needs of the church in Munich. Within the past year, it became clear that the church had outgrown the large apartment that served as both a meeting place for the church and a place for students. In April of this year, a new property was discovered that offered a solution to both significant needs - a ready to move into meeting facility for the church, with a lower level that could be fitted as an intimate and attractive student fellowship, study and meeting center. Negotiations were entered into and an agreement to purchase was reached, subject to the approval of the city building and planning departments for a change of use. That application process has taken several months, but the approval was just granted this past week. While we have been waiting for permission to use it as a meeting place of the church, it was agreed that we could begin to use the lower level as a student center and this has already been a huge benefit.

The students, new contacts, serving ones and supporting couples are thriving in this facility. Now that we have the approval, the prayer meetings and the Lord’s table meetings will also take place in the upper meeting area. According to the contract, we now will proceed to close the sale and the total purchase price of 2.5M Euros will be due at that time. We estimate this will take place in October or November. As this building has been recently renovated, no significant additional funds should be necessary. We now prayerfully bring this urgent need to our all-sufficient Lord and open it to His Body in the furtherance and fellowship of the gospel.

The Lord’s blessing has clearly been present in Munich, with more than 25 students solidly added in recent years, 12 of which have attended or are attending the FTT London. Three have now graduated and are serving on the campus team. From the last school year, more than 50 open new contacts were identified and many of them are being regularly shepherded into the churchlife. With more than 20 young couples and families now residing and joining the meetings and the labor in Munich, we are so thankful that the Lord of the harvest has provided this marvelous and needed facility at this crucial time.

As ideal as the building itself is, perhaps the most outstanding feature is its location. It is only 12 minutes from each of the two primary universities in central Munich via the metro station that’s less than 2 minutes from the building. The students can come to the student center for study and fellowship, often in less time than it takes them to find an available study table in one of the libraries. The hours of mutual fellowship and one-on-one shepherding that are taking place as a result of having them in our place with our serving ones and shepherding saints are invaluable. How merciful and wise is our dear Lord Jesus.

Die Gemeinde in München e.V.

VR 208210, Amtsgericht München

Richard-Strauss-Straße 21A 81677 München

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